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An event not enjoyed is not an option for us. Attention to detail is paramount for The Alhambra. We leave nothing to chance and make certain that our clients enjoy their event. Hear from some of our satisfied customers.

Reverend Patrick-H.-Young

Alhambra Ballroom Experience is one that exemplifies excellence in service and hospitality. This has been my experience in our booking of Church Leadership Christmas Parties for 3 years and my 50th Birthday Bash. They went out of their way to ensure each event was successful and rewarding to me and those who attended the Party and Bash. In the Urban Vernacular, “ Alhambra Ballroom Organization is the Bomb”!

Reverend Patrick Young
First Baptist Church


I had the pleasure to work with the Alhambra Family for a Netflix movie. It was a very large production and we were able to successfully film for multiple days! Tracy and team were absolutely fantastic and super helpful throughout the event leading up to and during! The venue is fantastic and offers so much for any event especially in the film community!

Thomas South

Reverend Patrick-H.-Young

We had my son's Bar Mitzvah there yesterday and were just talking this morning about how good the food was - so I figured I would give the venue the props it deserves!
The service there was great from planning to finishing up, cleaning. It is family run, and you can feel that closeness/energy.
The set up was perfect, the attention to detail amazing, and all the people from the servers, to the clean up crew were kind and helpful.
Many of my guests came over to me asking "how did you find this place? It's great! It's so pretty!" And it was.

Amy M.
New York, New York

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